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Hansel Coin-Operated-British-Style-Plane-Kiddies-Rides

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Hansel Coin-Operated-British-Style-Plane-Kiddies-Rides

Our company is located in the world's largest amusement equipment locality- Panyu of Guangzhou City .The company 's owner have 12years experience in amusement industry .

We focus on design, production ,sales and after service of kids and adults amusement equipment.Our products covers all kinds of kids amusement equipment such as walking animal rides,kiddie rides,battery operated motorbike, bumper car, trackless train rides, carousel etc.

Product introduction of coin operated kiddie rides

A kiddie ride is a coin-operated amusement ride for small children. Kiddie rides are commonly available in amusement parks, arcades,malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarkets and discount department stores. Less commonly, they may also appear in other venues such as restaurants, food courts, grocery shops and auto dealerships. When activated by a coin, a kiddie ride entertains the rider with motion, depending on the ride type (miniature Ferris wheel, miniature carousel, track ride or stationary platform ride). Most rides include sounds and music, and some feature flashing lights, pedals, and buttons.

As for a professional manufacturer of kids amusement equipment, we can offer different types of coin operated children rides. kiddie rides is one of the most common children rides. Kiddie rides are also called coin operated kiddy rides, coin operated rides, coin operated toy rides, coin operated children rides, coin operated ride on toys, fiber glass kids ride, fairground rides, amusement park rides, coin operated games, etc.

Details about our Hansel coin operated kiddie rides

System: coin operated and electric

Type: MP3 kiddie rides,MP4 kiddie rides, game kiddie rides, luxury kiddie rides, etc

Main Material: metal base, fiber glass

Main spare parts: control box, motor,CPU coin selector, LCD screen (only for video kiddie rides), etc

Available place: shopping mall, amusement park, hotel, indoor playground, game center, birthday parties, events, advertising, rent,etc.

Play time :1-4 coins to play 2-5 minutes

Age for player: 1- 6 years kids

Bearing Capacity: 50KG for each seat

Music: English music In SD card, can change music

Painting: car oil painting, green paint, no harm for kids

Product features and applications of coin operated kiddie rides

1) Motor is the key parts and power system of kiddie rides. A good motor will support the kiddie rides in good condition and with longer lifetime. We use high quality motor to make the kiddie rides working stably and offer strong support.
2) Our kiddie rides include stronger metal base and high quality fiber glass reinforced plastic body. We use environmental oil painting. All the kiddie rides are with smoothness surface.
3) We have over 100 different designs of kiddie rides. Those kiddie rides are specially designed to attract kids' eyes. The colorful lights are shiny and more attractive during night.
4) Our customers are all over the world for kiddie rides. With fast delivery, stable quality and effective service, we keep many business partners with long - term business cooperation.
5) We have CE certificate for our kiddie rides.

Hansel Kiddie Rides Amusement Swing Kids Rides on Car Machine

How to play coin operated kiddie rides?

1). Kids sit on the swing car;
2). insert coin to start the game;
3). Game begin,the machine begin to swing and rock;
4). MP3 play children's song at the same time;
5). The machine automatically stops when the set time is up.

FAQ of Hansel coin operated kiddie rides
1)Why buy a kiddie ride?
Coin rides are main products of the amusement industry for decades, kiddie ride is not subject to fads or trends. A ride will keep returning whatever is desired - smiles, good behavior, money - for years to come.

2) What are the electrical requirements for a ride?
A standard 110V /220V outlet is required. A ride draws 5 amps of power at start and then pulls 3 amps while running.

3) Can we choose our vend price?
Absolutely! For single stand kiddie rides, you can set 1-9 coins to play one time. For other rides, you can set 1-4 coins to play one time.

Our CPU coin acceptor can accept a wide variety of tokens or coins ( thickness 1.2-2.4mm,diameter18-28mm).We can even make the rides "free play"- where the ride begins with just a push of a switch.

4)What parameters could I program on your kiddie rides?
Music ,Sound volume, number of games per coin, game time,etc

5) What is the machines warranty period?
The main spare parts (control box, motor)have 1 years warranty period.

6)How can I maximize income from a kiddie ride?
The location is the most important. If no kids can find the ride, it will generate NOTHING.
Keep the ride clean!
Rotate your rides frequently between locations. Kids grow tired of riding the same ride continually.

7) How to clean the kiddie rides
Cleaning kit contents: toothbrushes, WD-40, window cleaner, putty knife, rags, etc.

8) How much does the ride cost to operate?
The cost to operate a ride over the course of a day is less than a continually running light bulb.

9) Where can I find spare parts of your machines?
We can also offer spare parts separately . You can buy some common parts for stock while buying machines.

10)How much weight can your kiddie rides stand
Our kiddies rides can bear 50 kg (110.23 lb) per seat. Moreover, they can withstand up to 80kg (176.37 lb) per seat one moment in time.

11)Can rides sit outside?
Definitely! All rides are designed to operate for years outdoors.

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Hansel Kiddie Rides Amusement Swing Kids Rides on Car Machine